ELCRP has produced the Scenic Line leaflet, for day visitors and tourists since 2016 to promote more sustainable transport to the county. After many happy years of working with the interpretative designer Heather Christie, we are now working with the Edinburgh based and multi talented graphic designer and artist, Moira Nichol. Take One Media and Menzies Distribution are distributing the leaflet across establishments across central Scotland.

We have refocused the leaflet more explicitly on heritage – both natural and historical on the one hand and further emphasised walking and cycling and added approximate timings.

Many, in fact most of the points of interest are free and can be enjoyed on foot and by bike.

We’ve also adapted the physical map to make it draggable and zoomable (double click or pinch) and added the text for the main stations (green), points of interest (blue), and John Muir Way notes (purple). It should also work acceptably on phones. Due to the nature of map making the original points of interest are marked indicatively. In the digital version we have applied a little more rigour in locating the points. When we have more time we will create a version that uses an open source map.

You can download a screen readable version of the leaflet from the project page.

Thanks are due to our critical reviewers who have helped improve the leaflet. Also, Scotrail and Transpennine for financial support.