The local and national organisations which form the East Lothian Community Rail Partnership first came together in 2013 to work to promote local rail travel. The Partnership was officially recognised by the Scottish Transport Minister in July 2014.

Our aim is to encourage greater patronage of trains from Edinburgh to North Berwick and Dunbar. It is hoped that more passengers will make more frequent trains and later evening services more viable. The Partnership will work with the rail industry, local and national government, businesses and community groups to achieve this aim.

Over the summer of 2014 we conducted an extensive survey of local residents and train users to help us refine our priorities for the coming years. That Action Plan remains a useful summary of what we hoped to achieve at the strategic level.

Our plans will always be a work in progress, and as we start to implement it, we will learn more about what works and what doesn’t and will make contact with new partners who can contribute to our aim. Our latest draft plan is available for download.